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Who We Are

There is nothing better than to wake up the first day of our ski vacation ready to hit the slopes knowing there has been about 12 inches of fresh dry snow overnight. Next to this is coming in, and hitting the bar for the first fresh beer after your first day skiing - perfect. Japan offers great snow on the most regular basis I have ever seen. Therefore this is our focus. HOWEVER the wait each year is getting harder and harder. We need to get our boots on and feel the fresh air on our faces. So we have now started our local club trips to get that snow fix before hitting the powder again in January. 

We are a Ski/Board Club based in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years we have been on many a ski trips with friends and family. Now, we want to keep doing this, but many friends have fallen by the wayside when it comes to skiing/boarding. So it seems to me there is a huge need for a group to share the winter vacation with, have fun on the slopes, share dining experiences and create new friendships etc.

Hence the birth of Harry Gotto. - Who's Harry I hear you say. Well it's a long story but let's say he emerged one night in Niseko, Japan after a day of dragging ourselves through the fresh powder on a recent ski adventure. There is always that one friend who is set apart from the rest, and the fact of not being able to pronounce 'thank you' in Japanese (which is arrigatou) HarryGotto was born. Harry was quite insistent to develop a group of people from all over to meet a couple of times a year for a snow holiday. A northern hemisphere and a southern hemisphere trip. It seemed like a good idea at the time and the more we thought about it the idea got better.

 Who are we. We are a few people that love that couple of weeks every so often hitting the slopes and trying something new. Varied in skiing ability but equal in enjoying a few drinks and great eateries.  We love the social aspect of skiing, and meeting new people. So our aim is to grow a group of people from all over the world who enjoy the same things. We are primarily a social club of equal individuals that shop around for a group deal and let everyone in the club know about the deal.

Who we are NOT We are NOT tour leaders, instructors, we do not run the trips or are we organisers of the ski trips.

What do we do. Our focus is Skiing Japan, finding great snow whether in a popular resort or a smaller club field or backcountry. We try and keep our trips unique, fun and enjoyable for all levels.

How do you know about the trips. The trips and our deals will be posted on our website. If we arrange a group deal then it is first in basis, but if you miss out we can point you in the right direction to get info to organise a trip yourself and join us there.  Register on our website and we will let you know the agenda for when we are going skiing next, the dates, the cost of what we have been given and other things we may be doing on the trip. i.e.(social events etc.)

Are we sellers of Ski Packages. No. We negotiate with people to get a group deal and then make it available. There could be times if we do not get enough numbers that a trip may not be available but we will let you know in plenty of time. Our aim is to have a huge group from all over Australia catching up a few times a year, making new friends and just having a great time. So eventually it will be a matter of getting a place before they sell out rather than the trip being cancelled because of numbers.

Age Group. This is a detail we have been trying to nut out, technically, we do not have an age group. Our Family, Abbey(27) and James(29) organise our local trips will tend to attract around 21 to 30's, our accommodation is shared and much more simple, as it's the best way to get the better prices. The Japan trips are a lot more varied, our whole family joins these trips and accommodtaion is a bit more civilised. Last year it ranged from 21 to 51. Obviously, if you have kids then it's up to you to make sure they are catered for on and off the slopes. My kids are almost (they like to think they are) out skiing me. Mind you I tried to keep up with a few young guys from the lodge last year but they disappeared pretty quick. So any age is fine. So if you are a young gun and want to display your skills with us then bring it on. 

So - the real purpose of the club - Ski/Board- have fun- meet new people- catch up with old friends - good food - good drink and enjoy life. Simple really.

PLEASE NOTE Harry Gotto snow club IS and always will be a social club of people enjoying a similar interest. It is NOT a tour organiser and it is NOT a tour leader. We take no responsibility for anything that may arise while on a trip. We use a licensed travel agent that takes care of that part. You book through a licensed Travel Agent and you Pay directly the travel agent NOT Harry Gotto. This way your trip and your money is fully accounted for and is safe from anything outside your control. On saying this, as friends we do recommend you take the travel agents advice on booking times, payment deadlines, and insurance. Travel agents are responsible for things outlined under the travel agents act. They are not responsible for any accident that may occur while you are away. Therefore that is why they will always advise you to have insurance. Another factor is you must ensure you always have 6 months active on your passport based on your return date. Some countries will not let you enter if you have 6 months or less on your passport at the date of your departure to that country. If you are not sure check with the travel agent that we use for our HG trips.